I have to say, I have been around fireplaces and fire pits for a while now and even I was not keeping up with how freakin’ awesome this fire pit glass stuff is. If you are sitting there wondering what is fire pit glass or how do you use fire glass? This is the article for you! I recently caught myself up on the subject and I figured I’d give you guys a summary.

Replacing traditional logs with fire glass is an excellent way to save on mess and hassle. Firepit glass consists of rolled and polished tempered glass specifically designed to not melt, burn, or become discolored. Commonly used to add color, reflection, and uniqueness, fire pit glass is also burned without emitting harmful fumes into the air.

What are the Advantages of Fire Glass?

There are many advantages that people find when they switch to fire glass in their fire pit or fireplace. I have found that fire glass allows me to warm my patio much more efficiently than wood or even artificial gas logs. This is due to the shiny and reflective surfaces on the glass radiating heat evenly and keeping the temperature steady. This is fire glass’s greatest asset, other than perhaps the beauty that it can add, in my opinion.

Many people also love the environmentally friendly aspect of fire pit glass. As mentioned earlier, fire glass does not emit toxic fumes when it is burned. This makes it especially appealing to those whose children or family members my have asthma or be sensitive to fumes in the air.

The longevity and ease of use of fire glass are great. There is almost no maintenance or clean-up involved after having a fire. If any dirt does build-up, the glass can easily be washed with dish soap, rinsed off and put back into use. This makes fire glass not only efficient but very convenient as well.

Rasmussen Alterna FireGlitter Vented Fire Glass Set - Propane - 18

How Do You Use Fire Pit Glass?

I was surprised to learn just how easy-to-use and flexible that fire glass is. Using it in fire pits, fireplaces, on your patio, your deck, and with both natural gas and propane is easy. All that you need to verify, is that you buy the proper adapter kit for either gas or propane. Whichever one that you intend to use.

The adapter kits generally contain a few key items such as hosing and the proper regulators, valves, and fittings that you will need. This makes DIY installation very quick and simple. The rating of the fire glass must match the rating for the gas being used.

Fire glass can be used indoors, outdoors, in vented and non-vented fireplaces, fire pits, fire tables, outdoor and patio fire pits, as well as for landscaping purposes.

Is Fire Glass Safe?

It is very important to note that fire glass is different from regular glass. YOU SHOULD NEVER PUT REGULAR GLASS INTO YOUR FIRE. Specifically designed to withstand extreme temperatures that regular glass cannot, fire glass can be used. Regular glass will pop, explode, and cause serious injury if used in your fire pit.

Fire glass, designed using rolling and polishing techniques, to protect all edges from sharpness, prevents getting cuts handling the glass. Because of this, fire glass is very safe to the touch. Tempered glass is the safest version overall due to its durability and smoothness.

How Much Do I Need?

This is an extremely common question and a subject there is a lot of confusion about. Given what we know about fire glass, we must understand how to determine the needed amount. First, determine what kind of firepit this glass will be going into. There are three main types of pits you will encounter:

  • The round firepit
  • The four-sided firepit
  • Fireplace style
Fire Pit Gallery Phoenix Rising Fire Pit - 41

After determining the style of pit, you simply need to take a few measurements to determine how much fire glass needed for your firepit. I found this excellent resource to determine exactly what you need to measure and it even has an app to do all the math for you!

How Long Does the Glass Last?

This was one of the first questions that I had when I started my research on how to use fire glass, or even what fire glass is. How could it last forever? However, with proper installation and handling, it really does last. It never pops, cracks or creates smoke. The glass will not melt or even show any signs of discoloring. It will maintain its beautiful color, texture and burn forever.

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