I recently decided to upgrade my fireplace and I have been scouring the web, trying to answer the question, what fireplaces are in fashion for 2020?

While it is pretty difficult to find a fireplace that is not beautiful and eye-catching, some of the most popular and trendy fireplace designs in recent years have been:

  • Black Marble
  • Glass See-Through
  • Brick & Wood
  • Kiva Style
Beautiful Black Marble Fireplace

Why are Black Marble Fireplaces in Fashion?

Black marble fireplaces are some of the most elegantly designed and remarkably crafted of all the fireplaces that are made today. It is not hard to see why so many people from all over the world fall in love with them.

However, what truly makes them stand out to me is the class and the status that they exude. It is nearly impossible to not stop and take notice when you walk into someone’s house and you see a stunning black marble fireplace highlighting their living room and taking their whole house to an entirely different level.

The benefits of having a stunning piece of decor like this in your home go beyond the pure sex appeal of the item. Adding a coveted item like this can instantly increase the value of your property, your life quality and they have even been proven to have relaxing properties about them.

If you are looking for that little extra shock and awe factor with your fireplace, black marble is definitely the way I would recommend that you go. That said, there are some pretty amazing glass-enclosed see-through fireplaces being made today as well. Read much more about those below.

What is a Glass See-Through Fireplace?

See-through fireplaces are some of the most modern and well-designed fireplaces that money can buy. They come in a huge variety of styles, finishing options, and different size viewing areas.

Some of the most popular reasons that people choose to purchase a glass see-through fireplace are, the ease of mounting a T.V. over top of the fireplace, the available adjustability in both size and height, and their linear design.

Glass See-Through Fireplace

This type of two-sided design on fireplaces has grown exponentially in popularity in the last few years. I often hear friends in the construction industry talk about the rise in popularity that they have seen in see-through fireplaces being put in beautiful multi-million dollar newly constructed homes.

If you are struggling to try to decide whether a double-sided fireplace or a black marble fireplace is right for you – I have been there! This decision racked my brain for at least two weeks, while I constantly researched the pros and cons of all of the different varieties. I take an even deeper look into some of the other most popular fireplaces of 2020 below.

What is a Kiva Style Fireplace?

Kiva Fireplace

Kiva fireplaces are extremely popular in many southwestern areas of the United States and have been increasing in popularity throughout the rest of the country as well. They generally sit in corners of family rooms and in living rooms but there are many beautiful versions of outdoor kiva fireplaces as well.

One of the most talked-about benefits of the kiva fireplace is definitely the fact that is among the most efficient of all fireplaces. This part of my research surprised me at first, but the reason is that the traditional extra round base holds and radiates heat exceptionally well.

These kiva style fireplaces are well known for the special brand of warmth and family that they create and that emanates from them. They can come in a wide variety of styles and fashions and modern versions are very easy to add on to any room or patio. These fireplaces are very in fashion lately.

What other Fireplaces are in Fashion?

There is such a tremendous variety in fireplace styles out there today it can almost be overwhelming. One of the main goals I had, when researching my own purchase of a fireplace, was to understand what the trends would be going forward. Who wants last year’s fireplace… Am I right?

I wanted to make sure that every detail about the piece that I purchased was the most modern and cutting edge that I could get for the price point that I was looking to be in.

I compiled all the research that I did while I was researching fireplaces for myself and put together a list of the trendiest fireplaces of 2020 and a little bit of detail about each of them to hopefully give you some ideas and help you in your search.

  • Cement style fireplace (These can look great in the right setting. A little bit too dungeon-like for me though)
  • Fireplace against tiled wood. (A wonderful and classic look)
  • Stone fireplace (Another classic)
  • Mirrored fireplace (Gives an elegant and royal-like look to the fireplace)
  • Kitchen fireplace (Change up the location of your fireplace for a very cool and unique look)
  • Hanging a nice piece of art over your fireplace (A look that is sure to impress)
  • I have even seen fireplaces in murals

How did I pick my Fireplace?

I am very particular when it comes to purchases like this one. I mean – if you are in the market for a fireplace – chances are you want that piece to make a statement. I’m no different. This is going to be the centerpiece of my living room for years to come. There has got to be some serious thought behind it.

Ultimately, I just could not turn down the charm of the marble style fireplace. Now, I did not quite have the budget required for one of the ultimate luxury set-ups in the pictures of above; so I had to do some hard research and make some hard choices on what was important to me.

After reading reviews for what felt like months (probably was at least a week in all seriousness) I decided on the Real Flame 6030E-WM. I went with the white marble option as my wife told me that it matched our decor far better than the black. While I didn’t necessarily agree with that assessmentshe easily won this one.

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